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In vivo evaluation of Fe3O4 nanoparticles Roxana Cristina Popescu, Ecaterina Andronescu, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu Our review summarizes asap prostate latest approaches regarding in vivo biocompatibility evaluation of magnetite nanoparticle-based systems. The paper follows the applications of Fe3O4 nanoparticles in cancer diagnosis and treatment, by means of nanoparticle-mediated magnetic hyperthermia, respectively by targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics. The long-term biodistribution in relevant organisms is also discussed, due to the need of knowing the exact course of magnetite nanoparticles after the fulfillment of their function.

Several commercial Fe3O4 systems used as contrast agents for medical imaging and cancer treatment by hyperthermia are briefly presented in the last section. Molecular diagnosis of autoimmune skin diseases Roxana Chiorean, Michael Mahler, Cassian Sitaru A wide range of skin diseases are associated with autoimmune responses against skin-specific asap prostate ubiquitous antigens.

The presence of tissue-bound and circulating autoantibodies does not only bear relevance for disease pathogenesis, but also allows developing robust diagnostic tools and molecular therapeutic approaches. Thus, various immunofluorescence methods, as well as molecular immunoassays, including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoblotting, belong to the modern diagnostic algorithms for these disorders.

This review article asap prostate the immunopathological features of autoimmune skin diseases and the molecular assays currently available for their diagnosis and monitoring. Advanced techniques show that these microparticles have their clinical implications in the prevention and prediction in pathology and have potential in the discovery of novel therapeutic approaches to metabolic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Hepatic steatosis background in chronic hepatitis B and C - significance of similarities and differences Eugenia Morosan, Maria Sultana Mihailovici, Simona Eliza Giusca, Elena Cojocaru, Elena-Roxana Avadanei, Irina-Draga Caruntu, Sergiu Teleman The aim of our study was to investigate comparatively the steatotic background in viral chronic hepatitis B, C and mixed types, in correlation with the severity degree of specific liver lesions.

The study group consisted of liver biopsy asap prostate, etiologically diagnosed as hepatitis C - The histopathological assessment focused on the steatotic lesions associated with inflammation and fibrosis.

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The cases were classified according to necrosis and inflammatory activity score between and fibrosis score between Our data indicates significant association of steatotic asap prostate in hepatitis C In mixed hepatitis B and C, steatotic lesions are more frequent Steatosis was present in all cases with chronic hepatitis C and associated psa pret bioclinica. These observations confirm the important aggressiveness of hepatitis C virus as opposed to hepatitis B and D virus.

The analysis of the pattern of steatosis in correlation with asap prostate and inflammatory activity and fibrosis, respectively, lead to the identification of certain specific elements.

Thus, for all types of hepatitis, steatosis is associated predominantly with moderate severity score and progressive expansion of fibrosis score The presence of steatosis does not define hepatic lesions with severe inflammation score nor those with extended fibrosis score 4. The type of steatosis present is mostly macrovesicular, the transformation into lipid asap prostate being uncommon. Based on the scoring systems applied in the evaluation of the entire investigated study group, tratament prostata pastile believe that a possible inclusion of a quantifiable criterion for steatosis could be beneficial in order to complete the characterization of the severity of the lesions, from the point of view of the potential for future evolution, reversible or irreversible.

The immunohistochemical investigations of cadherin switch during epithelial-mesenchymal transition of tongue squamous cell carcinoma Mihai-Catalin Afrem, Claudiu Margaritescu, Monica Mihaela Craitoiu, Mirela Ciuca, Calin-Gabriel Sarla, Ovidiu Simion Cotoi Oral cancer was ranked as the sixth worldwide most common cancer, but recent studies noticed an overall downward trend in its incidence.

However, for tumors localized on the tongue, the incidence seems to increase.

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The malignant transformation of many carcinomas is associated with loss of epithelial differentiation and gain of a mesenchymal phenotype, a process known as epithelial-mesenchymal transition EMT which for oral squamous cell carcinomas OSCC could be a predictor and a prognostic factor.

E-cadherin reactivity was recorded in all the investigated cases, supozitoare cetonale prostatita pattern of expression being both membranous and cytoplasmic, with the membrane pattern decreasing simultaneously with the decrease of the differentiation degree and with the increase of invasion phenotype, while the cytoplasmic pattern had an opposite behavior.

Tumor parenchyma reactivity for vimentin was noticed in N-cadherin reactivity was restricted to only In conclusion, in tongue squamous cell carcinomas at the invasion front the E-cadherin reactivity decreases while asap prostate expression increases, with a cytoplasmic N-cadherin reactivity in a few of the observed cases.

This EMT phenotype was correlated with the decrease of differentiation degree, with the increase of the type of invasion pattern and with increasing disease stages and thus these EMT markers could be used for prognostic stratification of such patients.

Detection of Merkel cell polyomavirus in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue of Merkel cell carcinoma and correlation with asap prostate Aleodor A. Siegal Merkel cell carcinoma MCC is a rare, but highly aggressive primary cutaneous malignancy, showing neuroendocrine differentiation. Ina novel member of the polyomavirus family, named Merkel cell polyomavirus MCPyV was identified in the genome of MCC tumors raising the possibility of an involvement in its pathogenesis.

Asap prostate to the rarity of this tumor and current pathology practices, the most readily available tissue is archival formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded FFPE material.

Representative FFPE specimens from 18 tumors belonging to 14 patients with a diagnosis of MCC spanning the period from to were retrieved. There was no significant correlation between the presence of the virus and the stage at presentation; however, tumors in the head and neck area had a lower frequency of viral positivity compared to those arising in the extremities suggesting a MCPyV-independent oncogenetic pathway perhaps, dependent on UV exposure, in a subset of these cases.

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Corresponding author: Aleodor A. Prognostic factors in anterior skull base meningiomas Liviu Marian Ciocan, Leon Danaila, Diana Eugenia Stanculescu, Simona Daniela Neamtu, Garofita Olivia Mateescu, Liliana Stanca Aim: Histopathological and asap prostate study of prognostic factors in anterior skull base meningiomas in order to determine the post-operative management.

Materials and Methods: The studied material consisted in resection specimens from 65 patients with anterior skull base meningiomas hospitalized in Clinic of Neurosurgery, National Institute of Neurology and Neurovascular Diseases, Bucharest, Romania, and diagnosed in the Department of Pathology of the same Institute, between and The biological material was processed by standard histological technique with Hematoxylin and Eosin staining which allowed the classification of tumors according to WHO system and the assessment of the morphological parameters of known prognostic value.

Subsequently, the tumor fragments were submitted to immunohistochemistry to evaluate the proliferative activity Ki labeling index and progesterone hormone receptor PR status. Results: Both mitotic activity and infiltrative and invasive tumor growth the latter found in Ki labeling index ranged between 1.

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The immunonegative PR tumors were represented by In contrast to PR, Ki expression was statistically correlated with tumor grade. The comparison between the expression of Ki and PR revealed an inverse relationship between the level of PR expression and the proliferative activity intensity.

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Conclusions: We found that PR expression decreases as the biological behavior of tumor becomes more aggressive; it may be related with an increased risk of recurrence, making the postoperative surveillance more rigorous in these patients. Corpora amylacea in the brain form highly branched three-dimensional lattices Ionica Pirici, Claudiu Margaritescu, Laurentiu Mogoanta, Florin Petrescu, Cristiana Eugenia Simionescu, Elena Silvia Popescu, Serghei Cecoltan, Daniel Pirici Corpora amylacea CA are glycoprotein-based depositions that accumulate in the normal aging brain or consecutively to different neuro-degenerative diseases.

Although controversies still exists in what it regards their origins and functions, their morphology is described simply as round basophilic entities based on bi-dimensional observations.

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the three-dimensional morphology of these bodies in the brain in normal aging. Maladie de la prostate et impuissance utilized here brain asap prostate from six aged patients, and performed an in-depth stereological analysis of CAs based on series of thin serial sections, and 50 micro-m-thick sections.

Three-dimensional renderings have been obtained after asap prostate the serial sections, while high-resolution z-stacks have resulted after deconvolution on the thick sections. There was a direct correlation between the diameter of the vessels and the number of associated CAs. Astrocyte GFAP and aquaporin 4 signals surrounded CAs, but without any colocalization with the ubiquitin areas, while perivascular CAs were sometimes enclosed in pockets of the basement membranes.

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In conclusion, as far as we know, this asap prostate the study to describe the three-dimensional branching complexity of corpora amylacea in the brain. Bone marrow edema - premonitory sign in malignant hemopathies or nonspecific change?

Histologically, BME is characterized by accumulation of extracellular eosinophilic fluid. Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI is the only method that highlights the presence of BME caused by various diseases, including the one associated with hematological malignancies. Out of the 30 patients with BME, 24 were known to have a malignant hematological disease multiple myeloma, leukemia, lymphoma ; for the remaining subjects, imagistic findings and other laboratory investigations led to multiple myeloma diagnosis.

Of the 30 patients, six showed characteristic lesions of the underlying disease as well as BME; four patients had only BME. BM is a structure that is commonly investigated using MRI scans, regardless of the examined bone segment. T1-weighted images and T2-weighted with fat suppression are essential for BME evaluation.

Chiar daca simptomele urinare pe care le ai nu sunt suparatoare, este important sa identifici sau sa excluzi orice cauza preexistenta. Lasate netratate, problemele urinare pot determina obstructia tractului urinar. Daca nu poti urina, cere ajutor medical imediat. Cauze Glanda prostata este situata sub vezica urinara. Canalul care transporta urina din vezica prin penis canal numit uretra trece prin centrul prostatei.

Moreover, MRI allows monitoring disease progression and treatment response in patients with malignant hemopathies. Biopsying parapsoriasis: quo vadis? Are morphological stains enough or are ancillary tests needed? Flavia Baderca, Elena Chiticariu, Michael Baudis, Caius Solovan Background: Parapsoriasis represents a group of cutaneous disorders that asap prostate variable clinical aspects somehow resembling to psoriasis, how is reflecting by its name.

It was first named by Brocq, inas an entity with three components: pityriasis lichenoides, small plaque parapsoriasis and large plaque parapsoriasis. Nowadays, under the name of parapsoriasis are included only the last two categories, that are considered disorders characterized by the presence of a mononuclear infiltrate in the dermis, composed of T-cells. Until now, there were not established pathognomonic histopathological features to diagnose parapsoriasis.

Aim: The aim of the study was to investigate the epidemiological and morphological data of parapsoriasis cases diagnosed at Emergency City Hospital, Timisoara, Romania for a period of 12 years.

Materials and Methods: The study had two parts; one was retrospective and another one prospective. For the retrospective part, we searched patient files recorded in our Pathology Service for a period of asap prostate years, from January to December The slides were searched from the archive and re-read by two individual pathologists.

For prospective part of the study, we reviewed histological slides read between January and June After inspection of the recorded files, the pathologists noted, were available, the localization and number of the lesions, together with symptoms. The biopsied specimens were initially processed with routine histological technique, the archive slides being stained with Hematoxylin and Eosin.

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While reading the slides, the pathologists asap prostate attention to the architecture of the epidermis, the presence of epidermotropism and interface dermatitis, type of the dermal infiltrate and its distributions. Conclusions: In the present study, we emphasized the histopathological aspects of parapsoriasis in order to create a basic line that could help in the establishment of a uniformly accepted definition of parapsoriasis on histopathological grounds.

Materials and Methods: The study was conducted on untreated patients with permanent dentition, cod xp prostatita 16 to 25 years, which were divided into three groups, according to Angle s classification of occlusion.

The measurements of the dento-alveolar intercanine, interpremolar and intermolar widths were made on virtual study models, scanned using an optical 3D scanner. The anatomo-radiological study of unusual extrasinusal pneumatizations: superior and supreme turbinate, crista galli process, uncinate process Mihail Dan Cobzeanu, Vasilica Baldea, Mircea Catalin Baldea, Patricia Sonia Vonica, Bogdan Mihail Cobzeanu Introduction: One of the aspects that have an influence on rhinosinusal endoscopic surgery is extrasinusal pneumatization, which asap prostate also affect less common structures at this level.

The pneumatization of the superior and supreme turbinates, uncinate process and crista galli are perfect examples of this situation. The diagnosis is made only through imaging methods.

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Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective anatomo-radiological study analyzing CT scans of the facial sinuses performed over a three years period. All patients were symptomatic and the CT scans were performed to assess the cases prior asap prostate surgery.

Ninety-seven patients were females and males, aged between 18 and 91 years. Results: The prevalence of pneumatization and the prevalence of the different pneumatization types superior and supreme asap prostate, uncinate process and crista galli were determined.

Conclusions: The pneumatization of the supreme turbinate Pneumatization of the crista galli process was recorded in The purpose of this study was to investigate whether aortic diameters measured on tissue samples obtained during autopsy from subjects that died of cardiovascular disease were bigger when compared to those from subjects deceased from other cause than cardiovascular disease.

Morphological measurements were completed on aortic specimens obtained from four asap prostate sites, namely ascending aorta, aortic arch, distal thoracic aorta and abdominal aorta. Aorta showed the tendency to decrease in diameter from ascending aorta to abdominal aorta, the latter presenting with the smallest diameter.

All studied aortic diameters were found to be larger in the cardiovascular population p Corresponding author: Iancu Emil Plesea, Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail: pie yahoo.

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A morphometric study of multiple renal arteries in Greek population and a systematic review Konstantinos Natsis, George Paraskevas, Eleni Panagouli, Athanasios Tsaraklis, Evangelos Lolis, Maria Piagkou, Dionysios Venieratos The aim of the study was to determine the distribution patterns of multiple renal arteries, evaluate how they are affected by gender and bilateral asymmetry and proceed on a systematic review.

Two hundred and six kidneys from Greek cadavers 53 males and 50 females were investigated. The number and pattern of multiple renal arteries were determined according to side, gender and level of origin. The distances between the main renal and asap prostate multiple renal arteries were also measured.

Multiple renal arteries were present in In Etiopathogenetic, clinical and histopathological aspects regarding the involvement of dental focal infection in premature births with fetal hypotrophy Gabriel-Radu Rica, Claudia Asap prostate Badi, Ana-Maria Rica, Carmen-Mirela Sirbu, Nicolae Rica The study conducted on a total of preterm births, of which hypotrophic fetuses births between within the Maternal Clinics of Craiova, Romaniastudied the involvement of dental inflammatory infections in the chorioamnionitis onset.

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The possibility of transferring germs, toxins and degraded materials into the blood flow, asap prostate them entering the chorioamniotic structures is quite a common issue. Subclinically often evolving chorioamniotic membrane and its existence is clearly established after birth by histopathological and bacteriological examinations, being partially responsible for the growth delay of the conception product.

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Our study revealed this fact, by using clinical examinations, ultrasound exams, bacteriological determinations of the amniotic fluid and the placenta, alongside the histopathological examinations. The chorioamnionitis inflammatory process is responsible for premature birth, through a high synthesis of interleukins IL and prostaglandins, causing uterine contractions. Our IL-6 dosage determinations show its growth that can be considered a prediction marker for preterm birth.

Immunohistochemical analysis in the diagnosis of uterine myometrial smooth muscle tumors Anca Daniela Stanescu, Elena Nistor, Maria Sajin, Alex Emilian Stepan Uterine myometrial smooth muscle tumors sometimes raise concerns related to their histopathological typing, and that especially for benign entities with areas of atypia.

In this study, we analyzed a group of myometrial smooth muscle tumors in what it regards their differential diagnosis utilizing a panel of antibodies consisting of alpha-SMA, Ki, p16, p53, PR and bcl The study included a total of 16 cases of cellular leiomyomas, five cases of atypical leiomyomas asap prostate six of leiomyosarcomas, which were all analyzed for age, risk factors, mitotic activity, cellular atypia and tumor staging.

In cases of cellular leiomyomas, the immunophenotype was characterized by high expression of PR and bcl-2 and asap prostate expression of p53 and Ki For atypical leiomyomas, PR, bcl-2 and p53 expression levels were highly compared with low levels of p16 and Ki Asap prostate immunophenotype was characterized by high expression values of Asap prostate, p16 and p53, and decreased levels of PR and bcl Prostate fluid study indicated specific immunophenotypes among the uterine myometrial smooth muscle tumors analyzed.