Prostate cancer screening

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Saving lives and improving patient outcomes: Why screening and early detection of cancer matter © European Union - European Parliament The Beating Cancer Committee took a close look at cancer screening and early detection during a public hearing with 9 leading experts and European Commission representatives on 18 March.

MEPs discussed about the role of cancer registries, A. Big disparities in cancer screening still exist between and within EU countries, despite prostate cancer screening fact that it can save lives.

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Screening aims to detect certain cancers or malignancies at an early stage in healthy people, before the first symptoms appear. Treatments are then more efficient, increasing the chance of survival and recovery.

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Following the recommendations of the European CouncilEU member states have introduced population-based screening programmes in their National Cancer Control Plans for breast cancer cervical cancer colorectal cancer. However, even though screening and early detection can help save lives, big differences between and within EU countries exist regarding coverage and access to screening prostate cancer screening.

You can watch the recording of the hearing by clicking on the links below.

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