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Beliefs regarding the causes of these symptoms may influence their perception and promote maladaptive health behaviors.

Between December and Januarythe participants reported whether they believed they had experienced COVID infection and had physical symptoms during the previous 4 weeks that had persisted for at least 8 weeks. Participants who reported having an initial COVID infection only after completing the serology test were excluded. Main Outcomes and Measures: Logistic regressions for each persistent symptom as the outcome were computed in models including amiksin pentru prostatita self-reported COVID infection and serology test results and adjusting for age, sex, income, and educational level.

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Results: Of 35  volunteers invited to participate in the study, 26  Self-reported infection was positively associated with persistent physical symptoms, with odds ratios ranging from 1.

Further adjusting for self-rated health or depressive symptoms yielded similar results.

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There was no significant interaction between belief and serology test results. Tnm prostate cancer radiology medical evaluation of these patients may be needed to prevent symptoms due to another disease being erroneously attributed to "long COVID.